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Lyon Public Transport + Carte Técély

(Scroll to the bottom for step-by-step instructions on how to buy your card)

The Lyon public transport is the second largest in France after Paris. It covers 62 communes, including all 57 communes of the Urban Community of Lyon, spread over 606 km2. Having a pass will give you access to the 4 metro lines, 2 funiculars, 8 tramway lines, and likewise 126 bus lines.. It will not give you access to the Rhônexpress tram.

TCL has a website in English making it a bit easier to navigate. You have many options to choose from:

  1. Hourly tickets
  2. Daily tickets
  3. Neighbourhood tickets
  4. Group tickets
  5. Lyon City Card (for tourists)
  6. Weekly tickets
  7. Travel Cards and Passes (“Carte Técély”)

If you’re moving here permanently and will be using the public transport regularly, you need a Carte Técély. 

What is the Carte Técely? 

The Técély card is the main pass for all TCL networks, season tickets and books of 10 tickets (Full Fare, Under 26 and Large Family). It is a personal, nominative card that allows you to load tickets for the TCL network and to validate journeys. If you lose yours or it’s stolen, head to one of the TCL branches as they can recover all unused tickets or your season ticket. They can equally transfer it to a new card. A Carte Técély is valid for 5 years.

Who is it for?

For everyone who uses the TCL network (metro, tram, bus, funicular, park-and-ride facilities) occasionally and regularly.

How much does a Carte Técély cost?

The card costs €5.

You can buy it 3 different ways:

  1. On the online agency You will receive your Técély card by post with the transport ticket of your choice (scroll down and we’ll guide you in English)
  2. With the Click and Collect service you can order a card online here and collect it from the TCL Bellecour branch from Monday to Friday.
  3. In one of the 5 TCL branches

Note: By law, your employer has to pay 50% of your public transport costs. This usually is automatically reimbursed in your paycheck.

Documents to provide :

  1. Identity document (passport or ID card)
  2. 5 € for the creation or renewal of your Técély card
  3. Recent photo of the face, framed on the face, bare head and on a plain and clear background. It is possible to have your photo taken in the agency.
  4. Other supporting documents may be required depending on the ticket you wish to purchase: go to the tickets and fares page to consult all the descriptions of the tickets.

How do I get a Carte Técély? 

As in most French cities, having access to the monthly or annual subscriptions is only available on the French website, but we got you covered!

First – find your subscription

  1. Click here and select the subscription you want (Mois / Année is the monthly / annual one)
  2. Select your age
  3. Choose your profile. Most Urban Index users are either “Tout Public” (normal person) or “Étudiants de 26 ou 27 ans” (students between 26 – 27 years old)
  4. Scroll down to “Abonnements” and select the card and how you want to pay (monthly automatic payment “unlimited” or manual monthly payments

Second – buy your card

  1. Click here and select “J’achète une carte Técély”
  2. “Ajouter” your card (the only option on this page)
  3. Fill in the information, click next
  4. Upload the front and back of your identity document, then upload a photo of your face
  5. One this is confirmed, the last steps are to add your address where you wish to receive your card, and payment details – you’re good to go! If you have any issues, you can head to one of the 5 branches and get your card in person immediately.