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Paris Public Transport + Passe Navigo

This article is about the Passe Navigo in Paris, click here for Marseille and Lyon

The RATP was created on 1 January 1949 by combining the assets of the Compagnie du Chemin de Fer Métropolitain de Paris (CMP), which operated the Paris Métro, and the Société des Transports en Commun de la Région Parisienne (STCRP), which operated the city’s bus system.

By the time the STCRP was merged into the RATP, all of its streetcars had been replaced by bus routes.

RATP’s services in the Greater Paris area include 16 metro lines, 5 RER lines, 11 tramway lines, 351 bus lines2 BRT lines, and one Orlyval connecting the airport to the RER B, and last but not least, the Montmartre funicular which helps you avoid climbing 270 steps to the top of the hill.

What is the Passe Navigo?

The Passe Navigo is a contactless smart card which gives access to the Parisian public transport. 

How do I get a Passe Navigo? 

The good thing is that there is a website in English making it a bit easier to navigate. You have three options to choose from:

  1. Single Tickets
  2. Daily Tickets
  3. Travel Cards and Passes

If you’re moving here permanently and will be using the metro/bus/RER regularly, the Navigo Annual is the way to go, if you don’t want to commit to an annual subscription you can choose Navigo Monthly which costs the same. There are more options, check them out here.

The Navigo covers all of the Île-de-France. You can use it to get to the Marais, but you can also use it to go to Versailles or Disneyland. It includes all metros, RERs, buses, you can even turn your Navigo card into a key for the Velib’ bikes. It’s a mighty tool, and as of January 2022 even includes free entry and reductions on Paris museums, cinemas and events, to quote from their page: 

147 cinemas await you, as well as major museums such as the Quai Branly, Orsay, the Centre Pompidou, the Jeu de Paume and the Centquatre. Theatres and concert halls will welcome your applause: the Opéra Comique, the Théâtre Jean Vilar, the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, the Bouffes du Nord or the Théâtre du Châtelet… Festivals and cultural fairs have also joined the list of partners: Peacock Society, Rock en Seine, We Love Green, Mama Festival, Salon du Livre Jeunesse… Finally, cultural and heritage sites open their doors to you for an exciting visit: the Institut du Monde Arabe, the Château de Maisons, the Opéra Garnier, France Miniature, the Ballon de Paris, the Basilique de Saint-Denis, the Maison de la culture du Japon, the Cité de la Musique…” Find out more here.

Note: By law, your employer has to pay 50% of your public transport costs. This usually is automatically reimbursed in your paycheck.

How much does a Passe Navigo cost?

Navigo Annual costs €84,10 per month (half of which is reimbursed by your employer) and to get it you need to register online or in person, but online is easier. You can pay with a single payment at the beginning of the year or by automatic monthly bank transfer with no time limit. It can be modified, suspended or terminated at any time without charge.

Where can I buy a Passe Navigo?

Click here and select “Navigo Annual Ticket”. Here is where the website switches to French, but we got you 😉

  1. Click on this link, scroll to the bottom and click “Continuer”
  2. Create a login with your email address and a password
  3. Before confirming you have the choice to select between “J’ai un passe Navigo ou je finance le passe Navigo d’une tierce personne” meaning you already have a Navigo and are buying an additional one, or “Je n’ai pas de passe Navigo” which means you do not have a Navigo yet. Choose the appropriate option and continue?
  4. Choose your plan, click “continuer”
  5. Add your personal information
  6. Choose how you want to get your Navigo, you have the option “Recevoir à l’adresse ci-dessus” meaning they will post it to the address you have given, this takes less than 10 days after your application is validated or “Retirer dans un point de vente” meaning you can pick it up at a station, this takes less than 72h after your application is validated.
  7. Upload a picture of yourself: your face, no hats, in colour, no larger than 10MB and in the format JPEG, GIF or PNG. If you have a webcam you can take the picture directly on the page.
  8. Now it’s time to pay – add your BIC and IBAN for monthly payments or pay the whole ride in one go with a card payment.
  9. Last thing to do is to sign electronically, and then your application is sent for validation and in around a week you should have your Navigo!