What is the Summer “Plage”?

Paris Plage is named after a beach in the village of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage until the mid-1960s. The beach was called Paris Plage because of its relative proximity to the French capital. Many Parisians would come visit on weekends during the summer months.

The idea to install “Plages” across the country came from the French city of Saint-Quentin in Aisle in 1996. Due to social action needed for their somewhat 60 000 inhabitants, the city decided to transform the square in front of the Marie into a beach. They turned it into a real beach with sand, games, and pools. It was such a huge success it became an annual attraction. 6 years later this event gained so much notoriety in the media, other French cities adapted the concept. 

Good to know: all activities are completely free, there usually is a program on the website or on site where you can see what the offering is.

Today you’ll easily find one near you. They usually begin during the national French Summer holidays July and August. They are designed to offer the same leisure and activities one would find on their holidays at a beach resort. I myself have gone to the Toulouse Plage and made use of the book library, boardgames library, a French language course and beach volleyball. 

Paris Plage, July – September 4th

Toulouse Plage, July – August 28

To find a Plage near you, head to Google and type “your city name” + “Plage été” and you can find it. Alternatively, go to your city’s website and look at their Summer offering. It’s more than just sports or swimming, you can also take part in a course or learn new skills. Grab a friend, put on your sandals, and enjoy having your feet in the sand where you usually would not!