Juliette was born in Berlin and grew up as a third culture kid all over before moving to the UK for her studies, and then France in 2015 .

Both times, settling in England and again in France, sparked the idea for this page – not having a complete resource with instructions and answers.

From dangerous landlords to fake working contracts, getting utterly lost in administration or landing dead-end internships, Juliette has experienced it and is now dedicated to help others like her avoid the same traps.


Amaury is the French component of the team, he was born in Paris and has lived there for 15 years.

He has worked in France (Paris and Toulouse), the UK and in Qatar.

During his experiences abroad he was confronted with the classic issues of an expat like opening a bank account, making sure you have health insurance.

Amaury is also responsible for the beautiful photoshop that you can see on top. So, if you have skills in that domain, we would be happy you share them with us !