Marseille Public Transport + Pass Permanent

Marseille public transport + Pass Permanent

(Scroll to the bottom for step-by-step instructions on how to buy your card)

The Marseille Metro is a rapid transit system, comprising two metro lines, partly underground, serving 31 stations, with an overall route length of 22.7 km. Two stations, Saint-Charles and Castellane, each provide interchange between lines. RTM covers not only a metro and bus system, but also ferry boats, bikes, parking, ride-sharing, tramway lines, and scooters (click here for transportation apps) which are all accessible with the Pass Permanent. 

RTM does not have a website in English, making it a bit trickier to navigate. We will display some options here based on the notion that you are settling in Marseille, if you are a tourist we advise you to visit the website of the Marseille tourist information!

The Marseille transport card is called Pass Permanent, and you can find the right one to use on their website. Click here and on the left of the page, first enter your age and then your status.

  • Étudiant / Apprenti / Stagiaire / Service civique = Student / Apprentice / Trainee / Civic Service
  • Demandeur d’emploi = Jobseeker
  • Pour tous (autres) = Everyone else
Select the subscription you need

What is the Marseille Metro Card?

It’s called Pass Permanent and is the main pass for all RTM networks and season tickets. It is a personal, nominative card that allows you to load tickets for the RTM network and to validate journeys.

There are several options for the Pass Permanent that cover different modes of transport. Double-check before selecting your subscription! Luckily they use symbols for their offers, so you don’t need to translate any French words.

How do I get a Pass Permanent? 

As in most French cities, having access to the monthly or annual subscriptions is only available on the French website, but we got you covered!

First – buy your card

  1. Go to a point of sale and buy your card there – if you don’t want to get your subscription online, don’t forget your ID card and a picture of your face 
  2. You can buy your card at any of the following locations:
    1. Métro : Castellane / St Charles* / Vieux-Port / Noailles : Monday through Sunday, 6h50 to 19h40
    2. Métro : Gèze / La Rose / Ste Marguerite :  Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday), 6h50 to 19h40
    3. Bourse (6 rue des Fabres, 13001) : Monday through Friday (closed on weekends), 8h30 to 18h

Second – buy your subscription online (if you haven’t yet during the purchase of your card)

  1. Register
  2. Click here and on the left of the page, first enter your age and then your status.
  3. Select the coverage you need and click through to the next page
  4. Click “acheter”
  5. Upload a picture of your identity card and a picture of your face
  6. Select the start date for your Pass Permanent
  7. Register the number of your card 
  8. Complete transaction – you should be good to go now!

Tip: It’s easier to do it in person than online, so if you have the chance, move this to the top of your list when moving to Marseille.

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