Finding an Internship


Finding an internship in France is quite similar to any other countries. However, some specific rules may apply for pay and working hours.

Where to look for an internship ?

Several websites list offers such as L’étudiant, Welcome to the Jungle and Jobteaser

You can also check your school job board.

Convention de stage

In order to work as an intern in France you must sign a “convention de stage”. This document is your working contract and is also signed by the company and your school.

The important points listed in it are : 

  • Your supervisor (maitre de stage) : that is the person responsible for you during your stay in the company.
  • The mission (what you are expected to do during your internship)
  • The duration of the internship (beginning and ending dates)
  • The salary (see the section below)
  • The advantages you are allowed to (e.g. some companies pay up to half your transportation cost)
  • The social protection you’ll benefit from

Getting paid as an intern

In France, it is not mandatory to pay an intern that stays in the company for less than TWO MONTHS. This doesn’t mean you’ll not get paid, the company simply doesn’t have to do it.

If the intern stays in the company for over two months (or 309 hours), the company has to pay a salary. The current minimal rate is 3,90€/hour which amounts to 600€/month (for a full time job : 154 hours/ month that is 22 days of work, 7h a day)

Visa for an internship

EU nationals and nationals from countries like Norway or Switzerland do not need to get a visa.

International students studying in France can also work in France provided that the institutions in which they are registered participate in the national student healthcare plan.

For other interns-to-be, you’ll need a short-stay visa if you stay less than 90 days and a long-stay visa if the internship lasts over 90 days.

Getting a visa

Tips to bear in mind

  • Interns shouldn’t work more than 10h a day
  • Students can only work up to 964 hours per year
  • The cost of life in Paris is quite high and living merely on an intern’s salary can be difficult
  • As an intern, you don’t pay taxes if you earn less than 17 763€/year. You still have to do your tax declaration (link).

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